I fly a 1978 C-24R Beech Sierra with over 3500 hours TT.  I made my first trip to Hammerhead  after the purchase of N274AM.  I wanted to be involved in the process and learn all I could about the aircraft I was depending on to ferry me safely to and fro.  It is hard to describe the satisfaction that first annual brought…but easy to describe the peace of mind I had when I left. The collective knowledge at Hammerhead is something that all Musketeer drivers ought to have the chance to experience and learn from.  So far I have had the KLUX treatment four times and will again this year.”
Dean Sikes // C-24R Beech Sierra (N274AM)

“Hammerhead Aero saved my Sundowner from the airplane grave yard. Their extensive knowledge, commitment to the preservation of safe flight, and hardworking staff restored my plane back to factory specs. I now have a plane to be proud of and with the confidence that its safe to enjoy with my family. Having been a owner participant in the process gave me the chance to learn my plane and to the meaning of service and dedication as displayed by the Hammerhead staff. Their vast inventory of parts was impressive and appreciated. I highly recommend Hammerhead and will continue my journey of safe flight with them.”
Joe Serra // Sundowner (N 2124W)

“I had a great experience with the crew at Hammerhead. I took my 1976 Sundowner for an annual with a small discrepancy list. It was comforting to know that whatever small parts were needed during my annual were in stock. I had new bushings installed for my ailerons, rudder, and landing gear. They worked very hard and long hours and I very much enjoyed my owner assisted annual. I learned a lot about my airplane from them and I now feel like my airplane is as good as the day it was built…maybe better.”
Scott Valis // Sundowner (N2242L)

“I purchased my Sierra from a local pilot here in Pensacola. He had owned the aircraft for 4 years. During his ownership the aircraft was maintained and inspected through a local shop. This shop is one of the highest rated shops in Pensacola. The first annual I had performed on my Sierra was through Hammerhead Aeronautical. I was shocked at some of the items that were uncovered during my initial annual. On my annual it was discovered that a cabin vent had made contact with the main spar which had started to corrode. It was also discovered that two more vent lines had set up corrosion on both sides of the cabin near the firewall. All of these issues should have been discovered during the previous annual inspections that were performed locally. Thanks to the outstanding knowledge of the folks at Hammerhead, all the issues were repaired and/or corrected without a major bill. If the corrosion in the spar area continued to be overlooked, I probably would be selling my Sierra for parts.”
Ron Montgomery // Sierra (N6044D)

“If you own, or aspire to own, a “Baby Beech” there is no better qualified or better motivated group of individuals to evaluate and care for it than the people at Hammerhead. No one cares more about your safety and keeping these great old planes flying. Hard to find parts, rehabilitation of parts, and airframes are par for the course. While they do work on planes for a living, Hammerhead is not primarily a drop-off facility. It is instead a place for owners to obtain a working knowledge of their aircraft. On any given day you may find Doctors, Lawyers, or Indian Chiefs with their sleeves rolled up, their fingernails greasy, and their knuckles bloodied as they improve their aircraft and learn to be safer, smarter pilots by understanding what goes on in the many complicated systems that keep our birds in the air. Come with old clothes, some time and a good attitude and Chad and Mike will introduce you to your airplane.”
Kim Highfield // Norton Sundowner C23 (N6629R)

“Getting Hammerhead every year is worth the 5+ hour flight and we’re looking forward to being there in May. Thanks to you we have one GREAT Sierra.”
Kenny Cook // Sierra B24R (N1939L)

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